Symphony Diet 22i Evaporative Air Cooler With Multistage Air Purification
Symphony Diet 22i Evaporative Air Cooler With Multistage Air Purification
Symphony Diet 22i Evaporative Air Cooler With Multistage Air Purification

Symphony Diet 22i Evaporative Air Cooler With Multistage Air Purification

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Central Air Conditioner

I-Pure Technology: The inbuilt i-pure technology provides multistage air purification that comprises of 5 stage filters against dust, smell, allergy, bacteria and wash. Diet 22i assists to be your essential health guardian.

  • Area Capacity: It has a capacity of coverage area for rooms up to 150 Sq Ft. The cooler is suitable for spot cooling or cooling smaller spaces and is ideal for room size up to 42 m3.
  • Consumption of Power: Consuming only 170 W, Diet 22i is an energy saving resource. This will favor for low electricity bills and will prove to be a huge relief to the pocket.
  • System Restore Function: The System Restore Function helps to remember and restore previous settings so as to assure ease and save time for the user when the smart cooler is being operated.
  • Honey Comb Pad: The honey comb pad absorbs remainder dust particles and cleanses air thoroughly, suitably ensuring sanitized and consistent air flow. It absorbs heat from the room and cools it thoroughly.
  • Full Function Remote with Remote Placing Dock: Full Function Remote with an inbuilt remote placing dock provides users effortless operation of the friendly air cooler.
  • Seven Hour Remote Timer: Diet 22i holds an impressive 7 hour remote timer. This highlights on the efficiency of the advanced cooler.
  • Empty Water Tank Alarm: This feature indicates to the user when the water level is low and needs to be refilled. The alarm for empty water tank conveniently provides assistance and consumer ease.
  • Dura Pump Technology: Dura Pump Technology provides greater durability and long life of the cooler. It ensures that the cooler remains well preserved along with superior functioning.
  • Air Throw Distance: Diet 22i has a massive air throw distance of 30 feet. This highlights on the extensive and impactful cooling of the extraordinary cooler.
  • Mosquito Net: Mosquito net in Diet 22i provides protection against mosquitoes and harmful insects. This prevents health hazards and brings hygiene and wellbeing.
  • Dust filter: In order to ensure that the cooling coming out of Diet 22i is pollution free and clean, the dust filter is present. This provides maximum neat air flow, ensuring for a healthier you.
  • Blower: Diet 22i is blower run and not fan-run unlike other coolers. This produces supreme uninterrupted cooling.
  • Water Level Indicator: To make sure that the user knows about the tank status and sense exactly when to refill it, the water level indicator is present in the cooler. This assists the user thoroughly and provides optimum convenience.
  • Icy Water Inlet: The water inlet in Diet 22i lets for cool water to settle in and give out maximum cooling. As per your preference of cooling, you can choose to pour normal water or ice water and enjoy breezy air flow.
  • Keep window/door open for cross ventilation.
  • Runs on operating cost of a fan, also works on inverter power.