Empowering African Women

Traditionally, women have a strong role in African societies. They are responsible for most household chores that involve taking care of children, collecting firewood, cooking, cleaning, gardening, and selling fruits and vegetables at the local market. In recent times women seek empowerment by becoming financially independent by engaging in small business ventures. Many start-ups have sprung up where entrepreneurial women are increasingly willing to take the risk to make the first step to becoming active participants in the regional and global economy. By purchasing through our online platform our esteemed customers are directly supporting African women, their children, extended families and help actively promote self-reliance, entrepreneurial spirit and the general well-being of these families.


These handmade West-African products encompass many of the deep-rooted traditions and great cultural heritage of the Mandinka, Jola, Wolof, Fula, Sarahule, Serer, Akou and many other tribes. These communities have coexisted since ancient times all across West-Africa, keeping their traditions alive irrespective of national borders, boundaries or the effects of colonisation and relatively recent independence.