“Gelei Gelei” the unofficial public transport of West-Africa

African people apply their traditionally resourceful attitude in all areas of modern life. Public transport is served by a system involving private individuals who drive modified vehicles on predetermined routes from the early hours of the morning until late evening. Vans imported from Europe and the USA are stripped inside to be able to accommodate rows of tightly packed seats or even benches to be able to carry a large number of passengers while on top reinforced iron roof racks provide space for luggage and livestock.

Young apprentices hanging out the door shout out the final destination to potential passengers, they help with seating arrangements, loading luggage and collect fares thereby leaving the driver free to concentrate on the road. Passengers can get on and off anytime during the journey paying a proportionately lesser charge for the shorter route while their seats are quickly taken up by new passengers picked up along the road. Reggae music, unique decor and a generally happy atmosphere make the journey an unforgettable and unmissable experience.