Our Story


Word: Chosan’o [Cho-sá-no:]
Language: Mandinka
Region: West Africa
Meaning: Culture & Tradition


Our Mission

Bringing the beauty of Africa to your doorstep. At Chosan'o we  aim to introduce authentic African quality products to the global market consciously embracing the principles of Fair Trade. We pride ourselves for exclusively using carefully selected locally resourced and sustainable natural materials. Our unique range of handmade Eco-friendly products are wholly manufactured in Africa, ethically supporting local communities with the specific intention to empower women we work with. We are passionate about the vibrant colored materials, exquisite authentic artifacts and beauty products rich in natural and healthy organic ingredients. We hope to share our profound love for this magical part of the world by bringing a piece of it to you.

Our Values


Our all natural handmade African products encompass many of the deep-rooted traditions and great cultural heritage of the Mandinka, Jola, Wolof, Fula, Sarahule, Serrer, Aku and many other tribes. 


We reduce our carbon footprint by ensuring the manufacture & distribution of our products have minimum environmental impact. We only collaborate with companies whose practices align to eco principles.


All our products are sourced directly from the local craftswomen. This enables us to cut out the middleman and ensure fair trade. This helps sustain the local communities and brings you authentic products. 

Statement By Founder

Our products are handmade & Eco-friendly,wholly manufactured in Africa,  ethically supporting local communities.

Fátima Sanyang
CEO & Founder